redefine your balance


toilet tank
is the shit!

Telepathic & precise flying feeling.
A more centered balance for a different inertia.
You’re gonna fall in love with it!

strong &stronger

We craft from strong as f#% materials : the carbon of course but also custom made screws & aluminium parts. 
(12.9 steel, 7075 aluminium & T300 carbon)

cleans the air

235 mm motor to motor distance: enough space for clean air and stability.

This also makes the Hook incredibly easy to tune.


To make you full torxed, we join motors screws in the set ! enjoy !

5mm arms

Arms got beefier to prevent vibrations.
Speaking of the arms, Fincky recommands the True X geometry on that frame!

pigtail & rx support

To mount your antenna and allow you to blast your video signal of choice.
The back canon comes with the tray to set your  VTX or RX.


more infos

Mini size camera

27mm height for your stack

Fincky recommands the TrueX geometry on this one

Depending on the geometry you choose,
you can adapt your props size.