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french &naughty
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Welcome bienvenue to Piratframes.
Since 2016, our goal is to hack your eyes when you see our frames and your brain when you fly them.

beautiful & tough

Our part of the job is to focus as much on design as on toughness.

devil is in the details

That’s why our frames are tested and optimised over a long process with the help of our pilots.

failure is not a option

We use the best materials:
7075 aluminum, 12.9 steel, Full T300 carbon.

torx rules

Our frames are delivered with a full set of torx screws.
(motor screws included)

Get ready to say goodbye to stripped out hex screws!
Once you try torx, you’ll never go back.

all hands on deck!

Piratframes logo Sloop V3

Our classic bus design.
Choose your arm size, build with your prefered geometry, and go kick some bando ass!

In one word: Balance.
A tighter center of gravity makes movements feel effortless on every axis.

under a black flag 
we shall fly

Pirat is above all a team.
We are lucky to have the trust of the 3 best pilots in the universe: Fincky, J-true and PDEVX.
Guys, you are our pride!