Smooth as hell, from cinematic to juicy freestyle. Enjoy!

A spacious layout that’s simple to build and fits all your electronics with ease


Choose between Squished and True-X geometry using the same arms.
Fit up to 5.2 inch props.


12.9 dacromet steel screw set
 & 7075 aluminum parts.
(Motor screws provided.)

in torx we trust.

Feel the torque.
We use T10 Torx hardware to keep everything tight and stiff.

one arm to rule them all

Punch and Shorty share the same arms

camera cage.

no frame in view

tpu camera mounts

Fit 20 and 19mm cameras
Design or download special versions

easy build.

23mm standoffs

To avoid your lipo straps to touch the electronics

stack’s screw pressnuts

20mm torx screws provided

xt60 holes

Prevent your power cable from being pulled out or banged

vibration isolation

The stack’s screws are not related to arms vibrations

vtx slider.
choose your vtx position

With one screw, your vtx goes where you want it for easy mounting

Electronic Isolation

Your vtx is no longer in contact with the carbon.

gain space

Around the elements for easier assembly.

durable strap.

240mm / Fully stitched
Reinforced one piece loop
(Based on the Pedvx lipo strap)

arm system.

quick arm swap

Easily change arms with just two screws without sacrificing rigidity.

vibration isolation

The stack screws are completely separate from the arms to prevent vibrations.

reinforced body

The standoffs are up to the arms to reinforce the body and top plate.
Tail and Nose are shorter to be stronger.

gain space

More room for your favorite components.


useful stuff

Most of the 3D prints are designed by Bomba (thanks a lot dude!)