Next to the aggressive Hook, here come the third version of the Sloop !
Smooth as hell, from cinematic to juicy freestyle. Enjoy!

classic bus, perfectly balanced

We worked hard to find the right balance.
TrueX or squished geometry, enjoy the even feel.

reinforced cross

Our special cross plate mounting strengthens the whole body,
increasing the stiffness and preventing breaks.

analog & digital

Analog: Use the vertical plate to secure your RX and VTX.
Digital: Use the 20×20 holes to mount your Caddx Vista.
(find our Vista kit here and here)

the booty

For those of you that are using an Airunit
we have a special version designed to carry more booty.

find it here

one arm to rule them all

The Sloop3 and the Hook2 use the same arms.

We provide the entire screw set in Torx. Never go back to Hex!
To get you full torxed, we also include motors screws in the set! Enjoy!

strong & stronger

We craft from strong as f#% materials : the carbon of course but also custom made screws & aluminium parts. (12.9 steel, 7075 aluminium & T300 carbon)

choose your geometry

Choose your geometry between TrueX or Squished using the same arms.
Check the build guide below.


With our variable geometry system, you can use different propeller sizes.
The table below will help you choose.

5′ arms

Weight 134g
Motor to motor 235mm

Props size :
TrueX build: 5 inches
Squished build: 5.5 inches

5.5′ arms

Weight 136g
Motor to motor 250mm

Props size :
TrueX build: 5.5 inches
Squished build: 6 inches

6′ arms

Weight 140g
Motor to motor 270mm

Props size :
6 inches

7′ arms

Weight 149g
Motor to motor 302mm

Props size :
7 inches